The Outer Holocaust

What you are about to see is controversial,
and may be offensive to some audiences.
Viewer discretion is advised.

"Never Again!" (but still ongoing!)


There is no Outer Holocaust that is not preceded by Inner ones.
Here is Hitler's own immolation

1. "Imagine a kid whose father has beaten him every day of his life. Actually the father beats on the whole family, from the wife down to the dog, he once knocked the boy’s older brother unconscious by bashing him against a tree. To be fair, the father himself is a guy with problems—a drinker, born out of wedlock, not even sure of the race of his own father. He insists that the whole neighborhood call him 'sir,' which makes him a bit of a local joke. But no matter what the neighbors think, to his family, he’s a little king. His word is a command. When he wants his son, he whistles for him on his fingers, as if calling an animal.
When the boy was eleven, he tried to run away from home; the father caught him and nearly killed him. Eventually, the child learns to cope with his utter powerlessness by being Spartan, fantasizing about the day when he’ll be the one who’s calling the shots. He refuses to cry out even when his father hits him thirty times or more. This is what the shrinks call “identifying with the oppressor".

2. This story is, of course, Hitler’s parental welcome to this planet overseen in this case by the German culture. And, as we shall see later, Hitler’s emotional self functions like anyone else’s by the talion’s law, or in Miller’s experience, “no rejection ever goes unavenged”. . . . the rest is history.

New Age Magazine, (Summer 1986) p. 39. (Discussing the Work of Alice Miller)


3. Photo of Einstein

"One is born into a herd of buffaloes and must be glad
if one is not trampled underfoot before one's time".

Albert Einstein

4. Herd of buffaloes

Illustration by Michel Bourque

5. Young Joaquin

In the immense solitude of your sad, castaway
eyes, I can easily decipher that you have already
undergone the torture of the Inner Holocaust -the
true meaning of the crucifixion (see later) that will
torment you for the rest of your life -if you do not
do something about it.

No! Psychiatry has nothing to offer to alleviate
your suffering -as you now think. That and other
disappointments will come later, much later.

But now, you cannot rest yet! Run son, run with
all the strength you have left run!

Run son, run! Don’t lose your only possession.
Maybe one day you will escape to a peaceful
country with a maple leave on its flag! But now
tired as you are, run as fast as you can because
the buffaloes in your family already did you in
and now the Spanish Fascist buffaloes are
coming after you and what is left of you and
your family. And they are merciless. They will take
people to sawmills; those who sought refuge in
the mountains will be hunted with dogs. They
will burn houses with the family inside. They
will drag them on unpaved roads behind a car...


It is an archaic brutal culture disguised under the
veneer of good manners -like all of them.


And eventually find your true father. Your life will
be a pilgrimage, because you don't know that
your true father and mother are already inside
you. In your heart! (but don't tell that to anybody
and least not to psychiatrists) but you are already
too damaged to see it, so you trust one day  science
will de the job to heal your already dilapidated self.

6. Goya painting of Spanish soldiers being executed by firing squad

"Los Fusilamientos de la Moncloa"
Firing squad executions at La Montoya, Madrid, Spain.

Francisco Goya Photo
Courtesy of

7. Goya painting of Spanish soldiers being executed by firing squad

Spanish Civil War arrives in Barcelona.
Photo: Agustí Centelles Ossó

8. Face being pushed in the sand

"Cry Uncle!"
Photo Courtesy of


9. Fumi Itoh experienced the bomb in Hiroshima. After desperately looking for his daughter, he learnt she died … pinned under the ruins of her school and burned to death.

10. Fumi asks: “Who in the world was it that kept a young girl of only sixteen obeying Government directives unquestionably and, giving up all thought of her own pleasure, simply to sacrifice her entire youth for the sake of our country's victory?

11. Who caused her to abandon her judgment of right and wrong for a naive, one-track way of life, depriving her from adequate food and clothing each day in that never-ending war?

12. Who should bear the responsibility for promoting the war effort with slogans of 'student mobilization' and labor service, and, in the end, for robbing her of her very life? I almost went out of my mind with indignation at the thought of it all [all emphasis mine]."
Fumi Itoh [Taken from: City of Silence. Listening to Hiroshima. By Rachelle Linner. Orbis Books 1995. Maryknoll, NY 10545]

13. Napalm girl

"I hope that at the end of this work the reader will have a clear idea of who is that "Who".
Photo Courtesy of Nick Ut, Associated Press
14. Atomic bomb exploding

Photo Courtesy of
Atomic bomb exploding 15.

Photo Courtesy of
16. Hiroshima after the bomb

"In Excelsis Deo!"

In the Male-Mind's macho world,
no nation amounts to much today
if they don't have the atomic bomb.

Photo Courtesy of

Oh Brother! First you kicked God out and now
you have gone crazy but you are not aware of it.
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

Ave Maria!

18. Man screaming

Love thy brother.
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
Plane dropping bombs 19.

The toys are getting bigger but
the boys are not getting any wiser...
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
20. Carpet bombing planes

When done with many airplanes in formation,
we got a new type of carpet: the "carpet bombing..."

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
Picasso Guarnica 21.

Picasso's "Guernica" A devastating experiment first practiced by Hitler's Kondor division in the
Basque city of Guernica.
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

22. Dresden city after carpet bombing

And later by the Allies in the
   German city of Dresden.
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

23. Ghost in war uniform

Wall Street Goes to War.

24. I used to be Master and Lord but the sword,
machine gun and bombs are no longer
the best phallic symbols of Power.
Wealth is; therefore I work now for
the Big Merchants and bankers
(you think we live in the information era?
- Wrong!
We are in the Era of the Merchants,
Information is just another commodity.)

Windfalls for Bankers, Resentments for the Rest

Photo courtesy of


25. "Hi. Just got to Riyad. Very interesting flight through Beirut, Jordan, etc. It is quite an experience here, very different from the rest of the world, especially if you are following around people like the owner of our aircraft.

26. One doesn't know the real meaning of wealth until you see the wealth that these people in Saudi Arabia have. London or Paris are just peanuts compared to this.... All that because of some big lizards dead and rotted laying underground.

27. This has cojones!! I think if people knew the truth about the real wealth of real wealthy people there would be a revolt.

28. We are just clueless to how far the swindle goes."

29. Young girl beheaded

Slaughtered near the sacred
land of several main religions.

She doesn't remember anything.
A case of false memory syndrome?
Or a case of cold blooded murder
provoked by an unworthy creature
offending male-mind manhood.
(After all she is just a "young woman.")

As they say in some quarters
"the honor of a man lies
between the legs of a woman."

Photo Courtesy of

Unworthy creatures

30 Man being beheaded

"Irrevocable method of Anger Management
Courtesy of

31. Young bride with older man

A scene from the play "The Beauty and the Beast"

32. Man oh man! are we really in the twenty first century?
On the other hand it makes sense because,
after all women are lesser selves,
are they not ultra- macho majesty my brother the god?

Photo courtesy of the


33. The slaughter in the Twentieth Century "Hemoclysm" of approximately two hundred and twenty eight million (228,000,000) human beings. The current population of the USA is three hundred millions (300,000,000)

Selected Death Tolls for Wars, Massacres and Atrocities Before the 20th Century

Death tolls of Twentieth Century "Hemoclysm"

First World War (1914-1918): 15,000,000. (Like exterminating half the population of Canada...)
Russian Civil War (1917-1922): 9,000,000. (The population of the city of New York is 9,000,000...)
Soviet Union, Stalin's regime (1929-1953): 20,000,000. (The population of Australia is 20,000,000...)
The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939): 500,000. (The population of Quebec city is 492,000...)
Second World War (1937-1945): 55,000,000. (The whole population of Canada and more...)
Hitler (1939-1945): From 10,000,000 to 35,000,000. (The population of Saudi Arabia is 28,000,000...)
Mao Tse-Tung (1949-1976): 40,000,000. (The population of South Africa is 42,000,000...)

UN DR Congo 'genocide' draft report
- key excerpts

Modern Genocides

34. Hitler as a tourist in Paris

The Tourist From Hell

Photo Courtesy of the Associated Press

34. Adolf Hitler: How could a monster succeed in blinding a nation?
By Alice Miller, Ph.D.

35. Mussolini withHitler

Sick Killer Clowns.
To the left Mussolini
"Il duce ha semper ragione."
To the right Adolphosaurus Rex (39ft)

And nobody noticed in their ascent
to absolute power that they were insane?
Could their respective cultures then be sane?
Photo Courtesy of
Holocaust dead bodies piles up36.

And the resulting joke: The archetype of all
holocausts for it's sadism and cold efficiency
perpetrated by, (at the time),
the jewel of the Western Civilization.
6,000,000 perished in this one.
One may ask then,
has a sane Civilization ever existed?

The Outer Holocaust
Photo Courtesy of

From the Pantheon of the Gods and
Goddesses to their humble origins.

37. Napoleon in his glory

Napoleon in his glory.
Franz the great 38.

Emperor Franz Joseph
Emperor of Austria; Apostolic King of Hungary
King of Bohemia.

39 Qheen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth
Madame De Pompadour 40

Madame De Pompadour
41. william III

William III
Henry VIII 42

King Henry VIII
43 The evil dictator picture

The evil dictator.
Photo Courtesy of
Kaddafi in uniform 44

The Late Colonel Muammar Kaddafi
Photo Courtesy of
45 Gentlemen in arms and uniforms

A "pride of gods".
Maria Theresia picture 46

Maria Theresia.
47 Franco saluting

From a fascist God?

(The coins of that time used to read in
a precise translation:
"Francisco Franco Caudillo of Spain
by the Grace of God.")

(Is the human mind so far gone?)
Photo Courtesy of
Franco in regalia 48

To God in full regalia
The Top Spanish Buffalo
General-issimo Franco.
Responsible for the Spanish Civil War.
Photo Courtesy of


49 DEad bull after bullfight

"El Pacto del Olvido"

50. ["the Agreement to Forget"]
"You say you 'forgot' your brother Abel, Cain?"
"I knew you were an assassin, but you are also a liar!"
"How do you manage to "forget" that brother killed brother stupid!"

51. No, there should be not retaliation from either side of that dark abortion-blotch of the Spanish culture.
Nor that culture is sufficiently sane to produce a self capable to swallow from its own cooking.
Nor it ever produced a Nelson Mandela -and another military coup would have been imminent.
So yes let's forget, but don't lie, state clearly why you had no other saner solution.
It is OK now, but don't lie to me Cain!
And still less, don't try to buy my silence with German flushed Euros brother!


51.1 jets

The Gods of Davos
“None of us is as dumb as all of us.”


52. no see No hear no talk

See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil.
Photos Courtesy of Stock.xchng

53 Stalin picture

An Ukrainian himself, Stalinosaurus Carolini,
bigger than Rex (43ft), slaughtered 20 000 000
of his people in the forgotten Holocaust together
with the Armenian "forgotten" holocaust.

Though he murdered three times as more people
than Hitler, to Roosevelt he remained "Uncle Joe".
Photo Courtesy of www.
Mao waving 54

And the gold medal goes to...
Mao Tse-tungsaurus rosae:
The biggest of them all (45ft) :
the late gonorrheal great helmsman.
During his career, he was responsible
for 40 000 000 deaths, more than
any other man in history...

Who cares? They were "just Chinese".

Later on la creme de la creme of some
of the world's literati would honor him
as a revolutionary hero.
Photo Courtesy of
55 Idi Amin in his glory uniform saluting

Idi Amin, a true gourmet...
He served the delicacy of human
flesh to himself and his guests.
Photo Courtesy of
Plane as a cross picture 56

The Second Coming as seen by
the Male-Mind.
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
Emperor Hirohito on horseback57

Emperor Hirohito on horseback:
real God for the Japanese at the time.
Photo Courtesy of

Until General Mcarthur brushed

Photo Courtesy of

59 Thge graet Charlie Chaplin dictator

The Great Dictator.

The Capo di tuti capi.
What most men aspire to be in their respective endeavors.
Photo Courtesy of

60 Man confronting parade of army tanks

Therefore peaceful rebellion against the Male-mind State is noble and unavoidable.

61. This human being has "cojones" and better yet, knows how and when to use them!

62. Women with the heart of a mother should lead it. Not to be "better boys"
but as mothers to defend the sacred lives of their children by stopping
the senseless slaughter... We men will have to heel before we heal
sufficiently to be able to lead. The greatest obstacle at the moment is
that we are already way too insane to declare ourselves insane.
Photo Courtesy of www.




64 Chart showing mass distribution of the universe

65 Chart about the future of the universe
Charts courtesy of Scientific American Magazine, September 2009 edition, page 40 and 42.

...and now the rest of the family.

66 Australopithecus drawing

Not to long ago we were Australopithecus moving to
Photo Courtesy of
Neandertal 67

...Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal.
Photo Courtesy of

68Early man picture

...and finally "Homo Sapiens Fratricidal.
Photo Courtesy of

69 Ida skeleton


(You can call me "grandma" if you wish)

"And if we go a bit further back
-although it is not yet completely proven
here is what we may found
(it may just be an auntie of ours
-anyway, what a shame!
Let's lock her up in the attic -just in case...)"
Photo courtesy of
Ardi drawing 70


(you can call me "mother")

The Ardipicethus.
Photo courtesy of
71 Skull of Lucy


Sorry aunty, you lost your status.
Ardi displaced you by over a million years!

Australopithecus afarensis


73. "All scientists now recognize that our lineage and the one leading to chimpanzees split from a shared 'Last Common Ancestor' species (the LCA) that lived millions of years ago. In the many years since Darwin, the fossil record of our hominid ancestors has been filling in. This hominid fossil evidence--and the fact that chimpanzees share so much of their DNA with humans--led many people to presume that the LCA, if ever found, would be an animal that closely resembled a living chimpanzee.The discovery and analysis of the 'Ardi' skeleton now allows scientists to make more accurate inferences about the LCA. Ardipithecus ramidus is known from males, females and children, and from most parts of the teeth and skeleton. The great age of this species, 4.4 million years old, means that the 'Ardi' skeleton is the closest yet found to the LCA."

Text courtesy of


74 Largest swiss army knife possible

You choose...
Photo Courtesy of www.


...and now the Atrocities of the Day!

Man in custody after elderly woman, 2 girls found dead in Quebec home

B.C. cadet instructor charged with assaulting minors

NC Police: Mom injects chemical into baby's IV

B.C. billionaire pleads guilty to unlawfully confining prostitute

Ontario child porn bust snares 60

Toronto police searching for suspect in sex assault of teen boy

North Korea prepares for ‘all-out war’ as China urges calm after nuclear threat

Dallas mom glues daughter's hands to wall

Severed heads left at Mexican school

Arizona Church an Alleged Brothel; Police Arrest 'Sensuous Educators'

'Israeli settlers' burn West Bank mosque

Young workers face grim future, warns labour group

Iceland ex-PM in court over financial crisis

Cops: Teen guns down eight at NYC house party

Man Pleads Guilty to Killing 4 at Long Island Pharmacy New York

Baby-killing mom gets suspended sentence in Alberta

French polticians in the dock

Officials Investigate Missing Ammo at Fort Bragg

Warren Jeffs sentenced to life for child sex abuse

3 Tibetan Herders Self-Immolate in Anti-Chinese Protest

Vancouver police officers caught emailing porn

(Just a few samples taken from ordinary press releases.
To include them all would burst this computer
-even if most of them we will never hear about.)

Civilization? What civilization brother?

Take a good look at "The Necrometrics of The Past"

Embryo testing stokes concern over designer babies

Mounties fear for elderly couple last seen in Prince Rupert

Spotted: Mounties who used Taser on boy face no charges

UN declares sixth famine zone in Somalia

N.C. man convicted of killing 8 at nursing home

Grieving parent breaks down and leaves court at Luka Magnotta hearing

'Ugly Thoughts’ Defense Fails; Officer Guilty in Cannibal Plot

Girl who killed family at age 12 begins university

Spotted: Mounties who used Taser on boy face no charges

Charges quashed against Grenada cops accused of fatally beating Toronto man

Early childhood conditions help shape DNA: research

Which American state saw police hunt and kill 49 escaped exotic animals?

Committee finds sex-selective abortion motion non-votable

Defence minister admits corruption in VVIP chopper deal

Student: Gym teacher had sex with me 300 times

Man charged with murder after parents found dead inside Scarborough home

Vancouver Facebook users rail against violent police tactics

Critically Endangered Forest Elephant Populations Decimated During The Last Decade

A “neuroscience arms race”

Militants kill seven, take four hostage in rocket-propelled grenade attack

Third man arrested in Rio ‘party of evil’ after hours-long rape of foreign tourist

Deputy's wife killed when gun goes off in hands of 4-year-old

Calgary woman was ‘horrified’ with herself for dumping babies in trash, court told

Teen girls accused of pimping plead not guilty

Serbia's worst peacetime massacre as gunman kills 13 in village rampage

MTV reality star Farrah Abraham: Yes I made a porno

NY man charged with killing woman, raping her 10-year-old daughter faces trial for child porn

6-year-old New Jersey boy dies after being shot in head by playmate

Father pens emotional letter about N.S. teen's suicide

Drug reps rarely inform doctors about serious side-effects of medicines

Police teach tactics for handling 'sovereign citizens'

Are You Considered a ‘Paper Terrorist’?

Boston Marathon bombing investigation goes worldwide

The crime of the Canadian banking system

Wife of Ex-Judge Is Charged in Killings of Texas Prosecutors

Across America, a rare and frightening week of chaos, horror _ and hope

Food poisonings up from raw milk, poultry bacteria

America: #1 In Fear, Stress, Anger, Divorce, Obesity, Anti-Depressants, Etc.

Child killer Allyson McConnell calls herself 'loving mother'

Jamestown cannibalism confirmed by skull from 'Jane'

Syria says Israel strikes near Damascus

World Photo Galleries

Guantanamo camp burns through $900,000 a year per inmate

Russian boy, 7, kills brother, 4, with grandfather's rifle

Syrian rebel defends eating soldier's heart

Rape culture in the US military

Mild Electric Shocks to Brain Boosts Mathematics Ability according to Psychologists

Prosecutors seek jail time for B.C. man who beat dog to death

Santa Monica gunman rips apart three families, including his own

Are you horny, older women? There’ll be a pill for that

The Structural Genocide That Is Capitalism

Quebec mayor investigated by humane society boasting he kills cats - even kittens - for fun

False memories created in mice, 'Total Recall' can't be far

Ex-IMF chief to be tried on pimping charges

Rise in violence 'linked to climate change'

Pharma Companies Must End Secret Gifts To Doctors Starting Next Month

Chinese boy, 6, has eyes gouged out for organ transplant black market

39 killed and more carnage feared as Kenya mall attackers dig in

Teen Good Samaritan stabbed to death on bus in B.C.

'Degrading' virginity tests on women must stop, Quebec doctors group argues

Deputy kills 13-year-old carrying fake rifle

US teacher Colleen Ritzer was 'killed with box cutter'

California community questions shooting of 13-year-old

Toronto Police have video apparently showing mayor Rob Ford smoking crack

Rare whale sighting in B.C. waters stuns researchers
75. Dammed ! we failed to exterminate them ....because they were so easy to kill!
Obviously we missed a few!!

More than 100 Britons were among 1,000 men caught trying to pay
a computer-generated child to perform sex acts online,
after a Dutch children's charity set up a fake profile.

B.C. school bans kindergarten students from touching each other at recess

In the 2008 financial crisis no central banker here or abroad accepted
any responsibility or even received serious criticism.

Teenager commits suicide live online while 1,500 people watch video stream

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, suicide accounts for 24% of all deaths among 15 through 24-year-olds.

Pot-smoking Mountie arrested

Tory minister Moore apologizes for saying it is not his job to feed hungry kids

Is It Remotely Plausible That Kim Jong-un Had His Uncle Eaten By 120 Dogs?

Woman, worried son was assaulted, slices man's penis with box cutter

Alcoa Unit Pleads Guilty to Bribery, Pay $384 Million

Meet The Portland Pimp Suing Nike For $100 Million After Brutally Stomping A Man With His Jordans

India gang rape victim who died after being set on fire 'was pregnant' police confirm

Taiji Cove: 250 bottlenose dolphins await slaughter or captivity as selection begins

Birbhum gang-rape victim traumatised, but stable: doctor

Woman jailed 18 months for tossing three babies in garbage

Slavery is illegal in almost every nation on earth but slavery still exists everywhere.

Mom accused of killing kids said they were 'mean' to her

Recycling Bad Karma

Quebec man who killed daughter with slap gets 60 days in jail

Police chief, rabbi, Boy Scout leader among 70 men, 1 mother busted in child porn probe: feds

Execution drugs unavailable, states eye electric chairs, firing squads

Veteran New Jersey cop arrested for allegedly masturbating at Starbucks

Pregnant Pakistani Woman Is Beaten to Death by Her Family because
she had defied their wishes and married the man of her choice

Feds to Moms: Eat Mercury-Free Fish

Hundreds Of Baby Bodies Buried Inside Septic Tank

Man who plotted to kill Obama gets death

Can We Cure Violence?

Mother, boyfriend arrested after baby found with broken arms and legs

168 kids rescued, 281 pimps nabbed in sex-trafficking crackdown

ISIL crucifies eight rival fighters, says monitoring group

Facebook Doesn't Understand The Fuss About Its Emotion Manipulation Study

Utah mom accused of killing 6 babies

Arizona inmate dies belatedly in apparently botched execution

Memphis businessman forced woman to eat feces during brutal rape at his mansion: police

Man killed wife and three children, then himself, police say

Fascist atrocities close to home

Police Officer Resigns After Shooting Dog

Bank of America near settlement of up to $17 billion

Spanish tall ship Juan Sebastián Elcano used for trafficking cocaine

5-Year-Old Boy Finds Gun, Shoots 3-Year-Old Girl In Colorado: Police

Australian boy holding severed head 'one of worst images world has ever seen', says John Kerry

Armed men attack Liberia Ebola isolation centre, ‘29 patients flee’

Bank of America reaches record $16.65B mortgage settlement

9-year-old girl accidentally kills gun instructor with Uzi

Putin says Russia's military strength unmatchable

76. Ashley Smith picture

Ashley Smith death ruled a homicide by inquest jury


79. Child with a gun


79B. Children war casualties

"The Children of Gaza"




80. Sahar-Gul

Afghan court ordered release of child-bride torturers

81. "Sahar Gul, who was 15 at the time her ordeal, was burned,
beaten and had her fingernails pulled out by her husband and in-laws
after she refused to become a prostitute in a case that shocked the world."

82. Here it is the eleventh commandment for you brother:
"If directly -or indirectly- you misuse it you lose it.
No 'ifs' or 'buts'."
Photograph: Jawed Basharat/AP


"Mandatory reading if you want to start recovering your sanity"

82.1 Book title

Atrocities: The 100 Deadliest Episodes in Human History.

82.2 Book title

Atrocitology: Humanity's 100 Deadliest Achievements

The two books by Matthew White, an independent scholar and self-described atrocitologist.
provide rankings of the worst atrocities of mankind based on the number of deaths


History of Torture "Ancient Torture"
History Channel Documentary

Violence is as male-minded as it always was and will be.
All because we still refuse to heel, kneel and heal.


82.3 Nipping it in the bud?
Almost a thousand and a half children were sexually crucified (mostly easy prey? - young girls, I guess?) in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 by members of the city's Pakistani tribe.

82.4 OK! And you asked, Mr. Justice, how to stop this and other forms of female abuse -courteously extended by certain equal-employment CULTURES to their young girls?

82.5 No, sorry, it is idiotic to be a “racist.” I am just a "culturist" -certain cretinoid cultures, lacking survival value, by sheer male-mind ineptitude, financial, political and other types of corruption, and crazy –if untouchable- “sacred, beliefs.” Therefore they migrate to better pastures bringing with them putrid customs, thinking and mores. How come? Well, because our spineless, myopic, goody-two-shoes (just in appearance…) “advanced country” politicians lack the spine to take adequate measures –just in case they offend their own cultures of “being nice at all” costs – savaging the truth included!
Simple, dear Watson, simple indeed!

82.6 Here it is the most efficient and simple formulae to eradicate women's abuse from the planet, and, at little cost to the taxpayer: "If you macho-man, misuse and dishonour your family jewels you LOSE YOUR FAMILY JEWELS brother!


82.7 Sorry a macho-men led world is not ready yet for that that "barbarity" (Hiroshima anyone?).
After all, were not plenty of wars fought to discern who the top-macho of them all is?
The one who has the biggest "cojones?"
Thus, why not wisely intercept the mal –nipping it in the bud at the very root of its cowardice..?


"The biggest explosion, but likely no the last,
of the 'who is the macho of machos here?"

"Aren’t we the one and only god?"

"And if you still think that the male of the species
is sane, maybe you should consider checking in
at the nearest mental hospital available to you".







Feminism driving holocaust of abortion


83. man

Kermit Gosnell's defense lawyer Jack McMahon
speaks outside the justice center.
Picture: AP

84. The case of Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist convicted of three charges of first degree murder in America, has brought home to some people a few of the ­realities of abortion, which is now a ­global holocaust promoted pre-eminently by the same government whose laws incongruously condemned Gosnell.

85. The photograph of a perfectly formed baby girl who survived abortion only to have her spinal cord cut and the account of the same treatment meted out to a baby, delivered into a lavatory bowl, who made swimming movements gave a flavour of the case. Of one aborted 30-week baby the twinkling-eyed mass-murderer quipped that it was so big it could “walk to the bus”.

86. The total incoherence and amorality of American law was epitomised by the fact that, had Gosnell taken care to kill the babies of whose murder he was convicted inside the womb rather than outside, he would have faced no murder charges. By what perversion of reason does a small rampart of tissue differentiate between non-human and human? The Gosnell case exposed the tangible realities of late-term abortion; but the notion that less developed but still human life has no rights in the womb is both scientifically and morally illiterate. It is time that humanity – if it still merits the name – addressed the massive crime of legalized infanticide.

87. The scale of this genocide challenges the imagination. Worldwide, abortion is now the leading cause of death, killing as many people as all other causes combined; one in five pregnancies ends in abortion. In the United States 55 million Americans have been aborted; in Britain the total is 7.9 million – the legacy of David Steel, a politician who undoubtedly “made a difference”. UK abortions are currently running at about 200,000 a year, of which 12,000 are Scots. Yet it is still not enough for Planned Parenthood, the Obama White House and all the other acolytes of the culture of death. Later this month a huge pro-abortion conference ­titled ‘Women Deliver’ will be held in ­Kuala Lumpur with the objective of promoting abortion around the world, especially in Christian and Muslim countries where infanticide still encounters resistance.

88. The United Nations is the leading agency of death. The Obama administration is spending billions of dollars on domestic abortions and “reproductive health” programmes overseas. So demented are the lethal propagandists that Planned Parenthood published a pro-abortion advertisement: “Your baby will thank you”. Nearer home, the current target is Ireland where the Labour Party has manipulated Fine Gael into introducing the weasel-worded Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill. The means by which life will be protected is by legalising abortion up to full term if the mother threatens to commit suicide, despite the fact that psychiatrists have testified that abortion could not cure suicidal ideation.

89. The cause célèbre to promote this measure was the hijacking by pro-abortion activists of the death of Savita Halappanavar, an Indian dentist who died of septicaemia in a Galway hospital. Kitty Holland, an Irish journalist and daughter of pro-abortion activists, wrote a sensationalist story – about which she later stammered disclaimers in a radio interview – claiming refusal of an abortion was responsible for a death which an inquest showed was caused by late diagnosis of sepsis, contraction of E.coli and clinical communication failures. Dr Hema ­Divakar, president elect of the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India, stated that abortion was not an appropriate treatment and “if the doctors had meddled with the live baby, Savita would have died two days earlier”.

90. The Irish government chose the president elect of the pro-abortion NGO International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, active in 124 countries, to chair its inquiry into the Halappanavar case. The coroner’s inquest, meanwhile, made nine recommendations, none of which advised any change in the law: one urged the Irish Medical Council to clarify its guidelines regarding the existing law, the other eight related to issues of clinical administration.

91. The motor of the global holocaust is feminism. A woman’s right to kill her child has become a totem of “empowerment”. The hypocrisy and euphemism are extravagant. In what other matter of life and death would the term “choice” be used when the individual whose life is at stake has no choice whatsoever?

92 . "A woman’s right to control her own body” is self-serving humbug: it is not her body that is shredded and incinerated but someone else’s. Could there be any more unnatural act than a mother – the person designated by nature to protect and nurture her offspring – destroying her baby? What hope for humanity if mother love is extinguished? If there is a hope, it is that moral revulsion is spreading and that the anaesthetised conscience of the Western world may awaken to end this abattoir society."



93. Baby being wash

Loving Hands


94. "Men should be barred from public office for 100 years in every part of the world...
Men have had millions of years where we've been running things.
We've screwed it up hopelessly.
Let's give it to the women."
Ted Turner, self made billionaire, philanthropist and world-class sailor (also famous for having been Jane Fonda's husband).


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