The Inner Holocaust
The Genocide of the Self

The Era of the Banker/Merchant
and the Failure of the Male-Mind State.

What you are about to see is controversial,
and may be offensive to some audiences.
Viewer discretion is advised.

"We have seen the enemy and he is us".
Pogo Comic Strip (1948-1975)

"Never Again?" (it never stopped!)



This, the work of a life time, is primarily dedicated to my son - he knows why.

And to my predecessors and mentors:
The late DR. DANIEL CASRIEL of New York
The in memorable ALICE MILLER, the Soul of my Work
And the genial DR. ARTHUR JANOV of Los Angeles


The Essential Role of an Enlightened Witness in Society

By Alice Miller, Ph. D.

Since adolescence I have always wondered why people take pleasure in humiliating others. Clearly the fact that some people are sensitive to the suffering of others proves that the destructive urge is not a universal aspect of human nature. So why do some tend to solve their problems by violence while others don't?

Philosophy failed to answer my question, and the Freudian theory of the death wish has never convinced me. It was only by closely examining the childhood histories of murderers, especially mass murderers, that I began to comprehend the roots of good and evil: not in the genes, as commonly believed, but often in the earliest days of life. Today, it is inconceivable to me that a child who comes into the world among attentive, loving and protective parents could become a predatory monster. And in the childhood of the murderers who later became dictators, I have always found a nightmarish horror, a record of continual lies and humiliation, which upon the attainment of adulthood, impelled them to acts of merciless revenge on society. These vengeful acts were always garbed in hypocritical ideologies, purporting that the dictator's exclusive and overriding wish was the happiness of his people. In this way, he unconsciously emulated his own parents who, in earlier days, had also insisted that their blows were inflicted on the child for his own good. This belief was extremely widespread a century ago, particularly in Germany.

I found it logical that a child beaten often would quickly pick up the language of violence. For him, this language became the only effective means of communication available. Yet what I found to be logical was apparently not so to most people.

When I began to illustrate my thesis by drawing on the examples of Hitler and Stalin, when I tried to expose the social consequences of child abuse, I encountered fierce resistance. Repeatedly I was told, "I, too, was a battered child, but that didn't make me a criminal." When I asked for details about their childhood, I was always told of a person who loved them, but was unable to protect them. Yet through his or her presence, this person gave them a notion of trust, and of love. I call these persons helping witnesses. Dostoyevsky, for instance, had a brutal father, but a loving mother. She wasn't strong enough to protect him from his father, but she gave him a powerful conception of love, without which his novels would have been unimaginable. Many have also been lucky enough to find later both enlightened and courageous witnesses, people who helped them to recognize the injustices they suffered, to give vent to their feelings of rage, pain and indignation at what happened to them. People who found such witnesses never became criminals.

Anyone addressing the problem of child abuse is likely to be faced with a very strange finding: it has frequently been observed that parents who abuse their children tend to mistreat and neglect them in ways resembling their own treatment as children, without any conscious memory of their own experiences. It is well known that fathers who bully their children through sexual abuse are usually unaware that they had themselves suffered the same abuse. It is mostly in therapy, even if ordered by the courts, that they discover, stupefied, their own history, and realize thereby that for years they have attempted to act out their own scenario, just to get rid of it.

How can this be explained? After studying the matter for years, it seems clear to me that information about abuse inflicted during childhood is recorded in our body cells as a sort of memory, linked to repressed anxiety. If, lacking the aid of an enlightened witness, these memories fail to break through to consciousness, they often compel the person to violent acts that reproduce the abuse suffered in childhood, which was repressed in order to survive. The aim is to avoid the fear of powerlessness before a cruel adult. This fear can be eluded momentarily by creating situations in which one plays the active role, the role of the powerful, towards a powerless person.

But this is not an easy path to rid oneself of unconscious fears. And this is why the offence is ceaselessly repeated. A steady stream of new victims must be found, as recently demonstrated by the paedophile scandals in Belgium. To his dying day, Hitler was convinced that only the death of every single Jew could shield him from the fearful and daily memory of his brutal father. Since his father was half Jewish, the whole Jewish people had to be exterminated. I know how easy it is to dismiss this interpretation of the Holocaust, but I honestly haven't yet found a better one. Besides, the case of Hitler shows that hatred and fear cannot be resolved through power, even absolute power, as long as the hatred is transferred to scapegoats. On the contrary, if the true cause of the hatred is identified, is experienced with the feelings that accompany this recognition, blind hatred of innocent victims can be dispelled. Sex criminals stop their depredations if they manage to overcome their amnesia and mourn their tragic fate, thanks to the empathy of an enlightened witness. Old wounds can be healed if exposed to the light of day. But they cannot be repudiated by revenge.

A Japanese crew shot a film of therapeutic work in a prison in Arizona, where the method was based, inter alia, on my books. I was sent the video cassette and found the results very revealing. The inmates worked in groups, talked a lot about their childhood, and some of them said, "I've been all over the place, and killed innocent people to avoid the feelings I have today. But I know that I can bear these feelings in the group, where I feel safe. I no longer need to run around and kill, I'm at home here, and I recognize what happened. The past recedes, and my anger along with it."

For this process to succeed, the adult who has grown up without helping witnesses in his childhood needs the support of enlightened witnesses, people who have understood and recognized the consequences of child abuse. In an informed society, adolescents can learn to verbalize their truth and to discover themselves in their own story. They will not need to avenge themselves violently for their wounds, or to poison their systems with drugs, if they have the luck to talk to others about their early experiences, and succeed in grasping the naked truth of their own tragedy. To do this, they need assistance from persons aware of the dynamics of child abuse, who can help them address their feelings seriously, understand them and integrate them, as part of their own story, instead of avenging themselves on the innocent.

I have wrongly been attributed the thesis according to which every victim inevitably becomes a persecutor, a thesis that I find totally false, indeed absurd. It has been proved that many adults have had the good fortune to break the cycle of abuse through knowledge of their past. Yet I can certainly aver that I have never come across persecutors who weren't victims in their childhood, though most of them don't know it because their feelings are repressed. The less these criminals know about themselves, the more dangerous they are to society. So I think it is crucial for the therapist to grasp the difference between the statement, "every victim ultimately becomes a persecutor," which is false, and "every persecutor was a victim in his childhood," which I consider true. The problem is that, feeling nothing, he remembers nothing, realizes nothing, and this is why surveys don't always reveal the truth. Yet the presence of a warm, enlightened witness - therapist, social aid worker, lawyer, judge - can help the criminal unlock his repressed feelings and restore the unrestricted flow of consciousness. This can initiate the process of escape from the vicious circle of amnesia and violence.

Alice Miller, 1997


"Now I understand what you tried to say to me,
and how you suffered for your sanity
and how you tried to set them free
they would not listen, they did not know how,
perhaps they'll listen now... "
Adaptive lyrics from the song 'Starry, Starry Night' by Don McLean, sung by Julio Iglesias.


The Separation or "Fall from Grace"

The creation by Michelangelo


1) Eons ago the Separation occurred. Impelled by the narcissism of the male-mind, the human mind separates from that of the Divinity under the narcissistic dogma: "Two Gods is a Crowd."

2) Viewed as an information system the separated human mind undergoes a violent trauma because it is deprived from ITS SUBSTENANCE THAT IS the unconditional love of the Deity. The mind loses its unity

3) The female-mind meekly follows seduced by his promises of grandiosity –deprived from the unconditional love of God she seeks that in him to end up been a second class self -abused, dominated and used. Needs him desperately for "security" and her children for the long lost love of the Deity.

4) The shock and subsequent aftershocks of the separation are so violent that –like in the first stages of the Bardo State after death as described by the Buddhists - the mind passes out.

5) In waking up or coming to our consciousness is dramatically degraded. We do not find ourselves as we now are: we traverse painful stages of regression, and, at the beginning of coming to, our consciousness is perhaps not more enlightened than that of a protozoa or amoeba.

6) Finally the present moment arrives, but we miss utilize our higher form of consciousness. We now have to preserve our status as "god the usurper." The king has no clothes. But, for the castle of cards to stand, a brutal, homicidal/fratricidal (genocidal, if necessary) repression is imposed on those of us who dare to take a look at our reality, our painful orphanhood, all that we pretend does not hurt – only the weak hurt – and that is intolerable to this new self-appointed King. In summary, we have traded sanity and bliss for a pottage of lentils.

7) Be it at the individual, societal or cultural levels, human history becomes a blood bath, and love, the experientially logical conclusion of self knowledge, is banished. The self is miss-evolving, and our terrestrial mission is the self-delusion that we are not living, at great cost, a repugnant charade to circumvent the male-mind’s lose of face – the nemesis of the narcissistic mind. Men have to be deified at a catastrophic cost to all humanity and to the planet earth. No wonder all legitimate spiritual paths dish out ample servings of humble pie to undo this transcendental error and return to the Reunion.

8) As the Separation renders the human mind utterly unstable, due to the cutting off its sustenance – the love of the Deity – we are faced with the insurmountable problem of compensation. Here the human racket begins: there are only two analogues of that lost unconditional love: our children and our faithful pets.

But it des not end up there and because this hunger, the hunger of becoming a full unadulterated self is so pervasive, deep and powerful that it has to be muted no matter how. We have forgotten how it was in its original form and transmuted male-mind-style the most powerful of all human needs into PROFITS. Thus the buying, buying, buying, having, having, having. Ho to pseudo-saciate it varies with the ages.

We are now living The Age of The All Powerful Merchant, the Billionaires' Age.. Wealth=power=manhood=Good. A few hundred billionaires own the majority of the earths wealth while others starve miserably because we are loosing, day by day, year by year and century by century, the core of our humaneness while thinking we are OK as God!

What a repellent charade, brother and sister!

9) Due to the “Deification Principle,” whereby children “fresh from the other side” see their parents as God Her/Himself, parents and others love-starved as they are consume the most precious commodity on earth – their unconditional love. Desperately needing it to connect with with our broken selves, we devour it, instead of re-directing it to whom it belongs: The Deity. We bask in their glow, while their self-development is truncated. We, thus, thoroughly prostitute the real purpose of life by directing our efforts to what we chose to believe will “save” us from our perennial misery: technology and scientific knowledge.

To clarify: there are at least two forms of adaptation/knowledge. Autoplastic knowledge implies modification of the being itself, be it physically or mentally. Where a polar bear develops a thick coat, we have to rip of their skins to keep us warm. At the psychical level autoplastic knowledge is knowledge of the self, of who we are. It is the ancient know thyself or Nosce Te Ipsum. This brings no Noble Price or money or fame and glory and, therefore, is of not interest to men in general. Alloplastic knowledge is another matter: because of its morally neutral characteristics, it imparts the power to be top dog and dominate others, to deify ourselves still further. Briefly, as I believe Bertrand Russell once stated: “Science can tell you how to build an atomic bomb but not what to do with it.” Without self-knowledge, we are like the warship Bismarck: strong but utterly useless once her rudder was hit by a torpedo. The emotional self is our rudder. Without it, we drift aimlessly, never reaching our port of destination – the Reunion of our mind with that of the Divinity. Efforts to achieve Reunion are corrupted, and only a very few after arduous and painful sacrifices obtain it. Somewhere I read "Make no mistake; the pearl of great value exacts its price." Well said!

10) The Fifth Commandment, Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, reinforces the legitimacy of the genocide of the self. Parental deification further seals another exit from our wretched condition, a condition that has come to be the only normality there is. We become increasingly bound to the service of our new god – the inedible, indigestible Golden Calf of the male-mind.

11) Thus, the mythos placing parents, who do the best they could with what they have, above their often ungrateful children becomes entrenched. Truth is that we appropriate the absolutely needed unconditional love for our very survival: we have lost contact with the only source of Love there is, and the lose is ours not His/Hers. Putting it bluntly, with total impunity we rob our children of their God-given Love, in order to that we might maintain the Separation that made him “God.”

12) Psychiatry, our sanity's guardian, avoids the acquisition of self-knowledge, eventuating in the lepers of Reunion. Thus psychiatry turns to alloplastic knowledge – namely, the study of the brain and psychochemistry. From my experience working in several universities it is an affront to suggest – much less to demand – that a psychiatrist-in-training should eat a bit of his own cooking, or as my first McGill tutor Dr. Wendel Waters said: "there is something wrong with denuding a soul if we have not denuded ours first."

13) Psychoanalysis having failed, the fig leaf of psychochemistry and the classification of our so-called disorders, via the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, mercifully falls from heavens to increase the total tilting towards alloplastic knowledge. We even begin to speak about cosmetic drugs to shape and improve the self – an entity about which we have no clue due to our phobic view of self-knowledge. We study the brain with the habituated faith that the resulting knowledge will permit direct intervention to “cure” those disorders.

I believe only a neurosurgeon with extraordinary self-knowledge should ever attempt such a cure because it borders on insanity. The snowball keeps rolling and getting bigger. We are talking, as the Spanish physician/humanist Gregorio Maranon once said: "The danger [to humanity] is the barbarians [alien to self-knowledge] that master the techniques." And, in that context, we could say that Prozac will be the analogous of Aldous Huxley’s soma, the feel-good-no-matter-what drug dispensed by the state to "cure" us from our "disorders." It becomes legitimate to ask at this point: "Are we already too insane to declare ourselves insane?"

14) The issue has no solution: those "disorders" (excluding organic, usually genetically inherited disorders, such as schizophrenia and manic-depression) are the direct consequence of the inherent instability of the self, due to its incomplete state after the Separation. Like the liver reacting with cirrhosis to a variety of insults, so the self has a limited repertoire for manifesting its woundedness, anxiety, and depression –fear and unhappiness being the main but not only manifestations.

The remedy? Well the profitable pharmaceutical industry frenetically produces new "cures" and subventions and scandalously seduces physicians with gifts of all sorts – overt and covert.

The guardians of our sanity have been bribed!

Time ago the prior of a hermitic community that generously contributed to my sanity for decades – a place that the maggots of the world cannot reach, told me the following anecdote: there was that kingdom that had accumulated tons of a particular kind of grain to survive the winter. They were happy and contented about it.

Until news arrived that whoever ate of that grain would go insane. Faced with that catastrophic choice between to go insane or starve to death the wise king made the best of it taking the following decision:

“No starvation! Everybody will eat of the grain except one who would survive eating of the meagre reserves of meat left. To be able to remind the rest they have become insane!”

Whether -when he began to remind them of their insanity - he was crucified or not was never educated guess is that he died on the cross. Why not? Since us humans have so low level appetite for the truth and so much for our psychotic endeavours in search of plastic glory and power –all food for the maggots...

All because of the truth offends our narcissistic pride –engendered at the moment of the separation?

Yes, brother, and you the concubine sister, may be the moment has arrived when we are indeed too insane to declare ourselves insane? Oh god the usurper! Oh glorious pater families! What dark future you have engendered for all of us, just because you proved ad nauseam that you rather lose your head than your face –even at the cost of the ultimate -and final- approaching holocaust!

43. Broken doll on a tree branch

Dead on Arrival.
Photo Courtesy of

44. Touch Me Please

Touch me PLEASE! To know that I exist.
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

45. Smiling Baby

"The eyes of Enlightenment"

46. Two Hands Together

Give everything- but take away nothing.
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
Another Smiling Baby 47.

Happy kid, happy parents,
but above all was lucky enough
to be born with the right neurotransmitters.

48. Young Joaquin

This is how an archetypal emotional orphan looks like
in our "advanced" cultures: overfed but soul-dead.

Unhappy kid, love-starved, un-motherly mother, world gone
crazy around him.
Or was he unlucky enough to be
born with the wrong neurotransmitters?

Has the DMS V missed the label of

The inner crucifixion is not visible because the self bleeds "inside"
Not outwards.

49. Feather in Hands

Holding on to anything.

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

50. joaquin with Parents

This little boy, apparently forgotten to one side by self-absorbed parents, calmly maintains his hands in the cosmic position and ponders the meaning of the Fourth Commandment (Honour thy Father and thy Mother!).

But is the fourth really necessary? Does a small child have any option, other than to adore his parents? The Fourth Commandment may have been chiseled surreptitiously, behind Moses' back, by a lobby group representing the interests of adults. The Fourth could be a form of subterfuge, of window-dressing, designed to obfuscate the divine right of parents to abuse their children. Perhaps it is time to return to [Mount Sinai], and implore Moses to chisel an amendment to the Fourth: "Thou shall honour thy father and thy mother, but only to the extent that they deserve honour!” Well, in this and many other abundant cases they just don't!

By your protruding tummy, poor little lad, I can see that your honourable parents stuffed you with food, rather than satisfying your much more easily-satisfied hunger for love. Thanks to receiving the wrong food from your honourable parents, you will struggle with your weight all your life, but your cosmic calm suggests that eventually you will also overcome it.

I have been referring to the Outer Holocaust, i.e., [the devastation of the body –often together with the self-]. Given the imposed emotional mutism of our male-mind cultures, this is often as much as you will see of the Inner Holocaust. The Inner is caused by the early desecration of the Lovability Principle of the child. The Outer Holocaust is the visible shell, or reflection, of the Inner Holocaust simultaneously taking place. Under the Lovability Principle ... that is to say, if you hurt the body you hurt also the self and if you hurt the self you also hurt the body or somatoself.

The Inner Holocaust may leave the body apparently intact, but it devastates the Self. The Inner causes apparently "benign" neuroses, such as anxiety disorders. In reality, there is nothing benign about them, because, as we shall see, they inflict to the Self what the Outer Holocaust does to the body.

Eyes crying

Una Furtiva Lacrima ...

We have been talking about the Outer Holocaust. Given the imposed emotional mutism of our male-mind cultures this is often as much as you will see of the Inner Holocaust caused by the early desecration of the Lovability Principle of the child. It may leave the body intact but devastates the Self causing apparently "benign" neuroses such as anxiety disorders.In reality there is nothing benign about them because they inflict to the Self what the Outer Holocaust does to the body.

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

Sreaming Woman

Or this; what we used to call in Psychiatry
la "Grande Hysterique" with numerous suicide attempts.

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

We are born with one thorn in our minds (the Separation).
When death comes most of us will wear a full crown."

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng


That, as we shall see later is the "job" of a neurosis -an entity psychiatry still considers "benign" -never mind that it derails the course of our lives forever and, collectively makes a mess out of history.

How it does achieve such monumental amount of destruction is by the accumulation throughout a lifetime of innumerable "biographical errors" neutralizing the dictum "LET LOVE -not the sick ego- WIN." They take on many forms, but their essence and purpose is to dehumanize us by denial of the irrevocable, God-given lovability of our fellow human beings (so called "Lovability Principle" in our publications).

Neuroses are in fact the equivalent of "cancers of the soul/mind." But this realization is difficult to conceive because they have been distorting us for millennia and the emotionally mute male-mind is not match for them because being emotionally mute himself and feeling-phobic we tackled them from the mental self.

Verbal counseling can be very useful indeed but to re-structure a neurotic self you have to mobilize the information hidden in the "files" of the emotional self. And that indeed is one of the most difficult, arduous and courageous endeavors a human being can undertake. Very few indeed dare to open the Pandora's box (and much less men) , because if you do, the view of its contents without appropriate help, can send your mind spinning all over the universe including into a psychotic state.

I believe, in fact, that each neurosis conceals -if unskillfully open- a psychotic state.

. Angel statue

Oh my God! What are they doing down there?

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

Angel statue

"Who would hear me amongst the legions of the angels if I cry?"
Ranier Maria Rilke

(Try the nearest mental health center.)
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

Holding hands

Total Trust.
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

Happy babyHappy baby again 68.

Still loved and happy will never need antidepressants.
Bad client for the pharmaceutical companies.

"Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you...
You may strive to be like them But seek not to make them like you."

Kahlil Gibran

What Gibran is saying is perhaps something like: DON'T DO THIS! Do not use your baby as a solution to your problems -or like mastic to fix a crack in your broken marriage.

"At the age of 31, after struggling with my beauty and body image since my teens, I finally found the secret to feeling like a vision when I walk into a room and I found it in my son's eyes. My baby boy turns his eyes to me and I metamorphose into a goddess. How in the world could I consider myself anything other than stunningly beautiful in the face of my baby's undying love? Watching my son love me gives me permission to love myself the same way without hesitancy, without question, without pause." 
[Sailer, A. (2003, May/June). Through the eyes of a child [Letter]. Organic Style, p. 14.]

Pigging out on me my good mummy ?

In Europe there are five countries; they pigged out like you too, (but with money) - the so called five "PIGS" because they went bankrupt gorging on borrowed money that did not belong to them (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain).

Let the good times roll on sister! Don't use my glow to bask on it like a basking shark. Do not appropriate my nascent self, it is not yours -teach me to return it to whom it belongs, to God. Do not siphon to your mouth the nutritious yolk of the egg, the food that God gave me to survive and become human. I am still an embryo-self mother -or I shall starve to death and dry up for this life time in the genocide of the Self that nobody seems to notice.

. Sorry to hear that your own love-starved mother gave you nothing and dried you up and that your father was no more than the "inseminator on the loose".... He did not even noticed that you existed, or worse yet, sexualized your existence. But please don't do this to me Mother because although you seem not to know where I start and you finish I am not you nor yours ....Please spare me Mother!

And you "Father" listen to this:

"They say I'm wrong and I'm heartless but all along I was looking for a father -- he was gone. I hung around with the thugs and even though they sold drugs they showed a young brother love. "

From "Dear Mama", a rap song by Tupac Shakur

Treatment of the Inner Holocaust

76. CMAJ Magazine cover

Cover of the Canadian Medical
Vol. 178, No. 10, 2008
Hand holding a pill 77.

Take one twice a day and come see me in three weeks.
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

Prozac drawing
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Leroux
Natural Supplement 79.
Photo courtesy of

Woman in pain

Take Tylenol Forte
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. Angry teen

I have tried all of the above.
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

82. Mother with child

Another loving mother 83.

A loving mother.
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

Unaware as he is, of his own sorry state, the male-mind had the audacity of broaching the understanding of the feminine psyche and its theorizing degenerated into a put-down of incomprehensible proportions such as: the ludicrous notion of the female's penis envy -that, of course, makes her a lesser self as we have already dealt with. (Apparently the actress Sharon Stone, when asked if she suffered from that inconvenience, appropriately responded “I have enough trouble with what I’ve got.”) Furthermore, for decades of self-congratulation the deformation of the father permeated psychotherapy under the label of Freud's drive theory, evolving into a monstrous vision of his children succinctly summed up by an illustrious psychoanalyst*:

85. "Expressing these technical discoveries in social terms we can say that the perfectly normal infant is almost completely egocentric, greedy, dirty, violent in temper, destructive in habit, profoundly sexual in purpose, aggrandizing in attitude, devoid of all but the most primitive reality sense, without conscience or moral feeling, whose attitude to society (as represented by the family) is opportunist, inconsiderate, domineering and sadistic. And when we come to consider the criminal type labeled psychopathic it will be apparent that many of these characteristics can under certain circumstances persist into adult life. In fact, judged by adult social standards the normal baby is for all practical purposes a born criminal."


*Edward Glover, quoted by Alice Miller in her book Banished Knowledge (Alice Miller Index)

86. Bored baby

What a genius that Glover!
Should I kill myself now?
Courtesy of


87. Child holding a gun to it's head

Or later?
Courtesy of


That view handily exonerates the adult, the father and mother, from further scrutiny. If you start with flawed material who is to blame if the results are all not too appetizing? The child suffers because it is bad; the adult is there to make him/her "good". A view that replicates all over the male-mind state: The citizens (the vast majority) have to be under the survey by a minority (who are "good") in power. Thus the politicians seek total (or as much as possible) power while their bureaucrats, the éminence grise of the male-mind state seeks total control. Therefore peaceful rebellion against the oppression of the male-mind state is noble. What do I care to be able to vote if I have to half-exist with atrophied emotional and spiritual selves? Would I call the male-mind state a "democracy?" Of course not! In "advanced" cultures we live in proto-democracies, democracy and male mind is an oxymoron. In more primitive ones,well, I rather be born directly in to a herd of elephants, at least they take care of each other under the loving supervision of the matriarch and they can cry when they feel like.

Young wolf eating a blade of grass

Yep, you almost exterminated my species
but I hold no rancor. They call you Homo Homini
Lupus, a Latin phrase meaning "man is a wolf to man
... this motto is deceitful since wolves are creatures
loyal to their own species. You are not there yet.
Never mind, my and your Maker will take care of settling
accounts with you. Until then, I am happy chewing
this blade of grass wishing you peace."

*Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Sometimes I have the intuition that the human race
will not be satisfied until all organic matter is reduced
to HUMAN FLESH only. We've got to eliminate
THOSE BEASTS! - Like those in these pictures.

Just wonder: WHO is the beast?

I come in peace

Bear approching dog

Norbert Rosing's striking images of a wild polar bear coming upon
tethered sled dogs in the wilds of Canada's Hudson Bay.

bear playing with dog

The photographer was sure that he was going to see
the end of his dogs when the polar bear wandered in.

Dog hugging bear

Dog and bear siffing each other

Dog and bear hugging

It's hard to believe that this polar bear only needed to hug someone!

Bear lying on his back

The Polar Bear returned every night that week to play with the dogs.

Photos Courtesy of Norbert Rosing



From Russia with love:
The doting father bear who can't help cuddling his cub

This is the touching moment a baby bear gets swept up in a big cuddle - from her affectionate father. What makes the photographs, taken at a zoo in eastern Russia, so fascinating is that most male bears have nothing to do with their cubs and leave the rearing to females. But Balu is more hands-on than most with four-month-old daughter Diva and is content to give her a proper bear hug.

98. Bear cuddling his young

Bear your soul:
Father Balu has formed an unusually tight bond with his female cub Diva.

He even appears to be blowing a raspberry on her tummy while mother Masha looks on. Keepers at Primorsky Zoo in Russia were stunned by Balu's unusual devotion to his daughter. Zoo director Elena Aseidulina, 34, who took the photographs, said: "The father, against all laws of nature, is very caring and loving with the cubs". "Normally, it is the mother that looks after the children, but Balu is the exception".
"He is a real example of a good father".

100. Bear cub playing with his father bear

Can I have a cuddle Daddy?
Cub Diva reaches up to his father for some affection

101. Father bear kissing tummy of baby cub

Care bear: Balu appears to blow a raspberry on the
tummy of baby Diva at the Primorsky Zoo in eastern Russia

Balu and Masha have been living at the zoo since 2002 after they were rescued by Russian militia from poachers. The pair have settled in well - and are clearly enjoying their roles as parents. Keepers also noticed that Balu has taken on nearly all the traditional 'female' roles carried out by brown bears - including teaching their young about the dangers of the world. Miss Aseidulina said: 'Balu taught Diva to swim in the pool - she looked to her mother for help but Masha was totally calm and obviously trusted her "husband".

103. Bear family together

Family portrait:
Balu cuddles daughter Diva while giving mother Masha a reassuring pat on the head
Photos Courtesy of Caters News Agency

'Balu would hold her under water to teach her that swimming is an essential skill for a bear - but he always knew how long she could stay under for, and would pull her out and keep her safe. 'When Masha is feeding Diva, 14-year-old Balu waits patiently for his turn to play with her.

"The zoo director added: 'Once, I saw him patting the mother's paw as if to say "Hurry up, it's my turn to play! It always takes my breath away when I see them playing like this.

It just makes you realise that these animals have the same feelings as we do. I wanted to take pictures to show others how touching and heartwarming these animals can be".


"An orgy of blood when the world needs perhaps
less humans and more animals to humanize us".

"We are living off the love of our children and our "pets. And also from the "hope" offered by
merchants and  advertisers who promise us bliss if we just make them rich; if we just buy
their (mostly unnecessary) gadgets potions and lotions".

. Blood in the water

.. Whales in blood water

. Men in blood water

.. Crowd watching blood water

.. Slaughtered whales

.. Crowd watching whales

. Whales covered in blood

. Whales on beach

. Men killing whales

Animals don't have feelings like us, therefore they don't suffer.
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"And now, ladies and gentlemen: The beasts!"



"The Extreme Obscenity of the Human Mind"


Who is the beast?


Chinese fur farms



Angora rabbit abuse



Australian sheep abuse


Sheep Killed, Left to Die for U.S. Wool


Mass food production


Yes, there is also Goodness, as it should be. Not all is lost - yet...

Animal Heroes

The Doggy School Dropout


The Self Sacrificing Hero


The Guide Dog Hero


movie poster

Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance
Directed by Godfrey Reggio with cinematography by Ron Fricke
Courtesy of Wikepedia. Click here for more information


movie poster

Directed by Ron Fricke and produced by Mark Magidson
Courtesy of Wikepedia. Click here for more information


Directed by Ron Fricke
Courtesy of Wikepedia. Click here for more information



Directed by Godfrey Reggio and edited by Jon Kane,
with music composed by Philip Glass.
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"Face-Off With a Deadly Predator"

Puppy wolf dog

I was and am "Tico", a woolen malamute breed.
My neurotransmitters were perfectly tuned
because my human parents love me to pieces!

Tico was assassinated, yes, murdered, at age three,
because he innocently committed the "crime" of entering the
"Territory" of a macho neighbor! through a piece of broken fence.
His half sister Bi-Bi was also murdered at one year and a half
by a bitter, angry, "man-god-with-rifle."

Afterwards, the house felt empty...


Vigil held for sled dogs slain in Whistler

Bodies of slaughtered sled dogs to be dug up

Remains of 52 sled dogs exhumed

"The Earth is Dying"

The Earth is Dying
The oceans are filled with garbage
The land is desecrated
The strings of Chernobyls
Witness the birth of stillborn fetuses
In fifty years, what shall we do
With the endless detritus
And nuclear waste
For which no country will lay claim?

Under our feet the Promised Land,
Our children’s Heritage,
Gradually dying
And I am afraid
Yet endangered species
Are vanishing into extinction
And ugliness sings victorious
Under the plastic and concrete.


The Earth is Dying
Man just doesn’t care
He lives his life
Period, nothing more.
He manipulates as he pleases,
A world turned upside down
The Earth is Dying
To where will it lead?

In finance and business,
Oil is the master
It leads to everything
Even to war
And no one worries about the water
Where are our flora and fauna?
And what is happening to the Sky,
Our environmental steward,
Deprived of its ozone layer .

Under the sky, the soil revolts
For man cheats nature
When he trades in crops
He is mortgaging his future.
Forests burn under the sun,
And we gorge the fields with fertilizer
In a massive bulimia
Of performance and progress.


It is time for awareness
Man has lost all respect
Caring little for
Whales and dolphins
The elephant dies for its ivory
The rare beast for its hide
And in sweeping dark tides
Oil spills trap birds in their wake.

The consumer society
Advances its pawns without impunity
While trees rot
In the cities and their surroundings
Drought rages
Erasing all traces of life
And certain human races
Dye of abandonment and neglect


The Earth is Dying
It’s time to wake up!

By Charles Aznavour, Iconic French Singer.


From the Mouths of Babes



118. Child pondering

Long road ahead.
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
Sad girl crying 119.

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
120. Child crying

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
Child saying Stop! 121.

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
122. Sad child

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

It is the hour of departure, the hard cold hour  
which the night fastens to all the timetables. 

The rustling belt of the sea girdles the shore.  
Cold stars heave up, black birds migrate. 

Deserted like the wharves at dawn, 
Only the tremulous shadow twists in my hands. 
Oh farther than everything. 
Oh further than everything. 

It is the hour of departure. 
Oh abandoned one!

Photo Pablo Neruda 
Twenty Love Poems  and a Song of Despair.

123. Innocent hands together

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
Starving child 124.

A case of Anorexia Nervosa?
Or his "adult" brothers are slaughtering
each other for POWER?

Photo Courtesy of
125. Child dying of hunger

"My God! My God!
Why have you forsaken me?"

Be it as it may, you are watching
the two Holocausts and the
Crucifixion in a single shot.

(No brother, your psychochemicals
and knowledge of the brain
will never "cure" this one.

Self Knowledge would because
love happens to be the logical
conclusion of Self-Knowledge.
Ever thought about that, brother?
Or are you too transfixed with
your self-anointed glory, richness
and greatness of which you
never seem to have enough to be
able to declare yourself satiated
to the point that you have corrupted
your mind to mindless detritus.

Should we change the name of
"Planet Earth" to "Planet Wall Street?")

(NOTE: the great photographer of this
and other superb pictures ended up
committing suicide. I don't know why...)

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
Angry child 126.

Never Again.
(Sexual abuse rapes the Self).

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

Supplicant hands 127.

"Supplicant Hands"
Mother, Father, please, please, do not forsake us!

128. Children hands

Do I have a chance?
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
Child pondering end of the road .

The end of the road.
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
130. Baby's hand in mirror

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
l .

Oh My God!
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
132. Angel statue

There aren't many angels left
in the city of Los Angeles.

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
Child covering his eyes .

"No see."
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng
Child covering her ears

"No Hear."
Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

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